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Summit Human Services Sudbury accept referrals mainly through Children's Aid Societies however we do accept referrals from other community agencies, and child welfare organizations. Persons or agencies wishing to make a referral to our residential program are requested to fill out our referral form and fax us at their earliest convenience.

All referral information is confidential and is to be directed to the Executive Director

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Admission into the Program
Consideration is given to all referrals received, and they are reviewed for acceptance on a case-by-case basis. We are able to support diversity in entry requirements thus allowing for flexibility of access. This means that the focus is on presenting behaviours and needs, and not on prior history of success with therapy, or on earlier labels and diagnoses.

We seek to admit children and adolescents who would benefit most from the program according to their needs and risk levels. In some cases, a risk assessment and outcome evaluation tool can be used for admissions to ensure proper placement and match the needs of the child to the appropriate level of programming as well as measure outcomes of programming decisions. Unless the referral is for an emergency placement, pre-placement visits are encouraged in order for the young person to become familiar with our programs.

The Intake Process
After reviewing the referral materials, the Executive Director may invite the youths and parents (or other resource) to attend a pre-placement meeting. At that time, the placing agency/person will meet the therapeutic staff and tour the home. The youth will be asked to remain for a visit and/or a meal to become more acquainted with the home. The Intake Team will then contact the referring agency/worker to discuss placement plans. In the case of emergency placements the placing agency is required to give us all available information at the time of the placement and to complete the referral form within one business day.

The Admission Process
It is best practice to have the young person's Agency Worker with him/her during the admission process, as there are some administrative and placement documents that are required to be signed as per licensing regulations.

The admission process also includes giving the young person an Admission Booklet, reading him/her a young person's Rights and Responsibilities, and completing an inventory of personal belongings. The young person will also be encouraged to personalize their private bedroom.

Our Service Agreement which outlines the date of admission, reason for placement, placement address, per diem rate and the services provided/deliverables must also be signed by an authorized Agency Representative prior to the 7 day visit.


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