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Summit Human Services Sudbury

Summit Human Services Sudbury was opened September 2008 Bob Robinson and Jennie-May Banks. Bob and Jennie-May have been working with children and youth for over 20 years. Bob and Jennie-May have worked in many areas of children's residential care and in various capacities from frontline workers, and supervisors to Executive Directors, both in the Child Welfare system and the Young Offender system for transfer payment agencies and per diem based agencies.
In the summer of 2012, Jennie-May and Bob sold its Summit Human Services Sudbury operations to long time employee Karren Luoma.

Karen has 25 years of working with youths in residential services and began her career with summit Human Services Sudbury as a case manager and on-call supervisor. Bob and Jennie-May are retained as Consultants over the next few years to ensure a smooth and effective transition in ownership and to support Karren commitment at providing Children's Aid Societies with quality residential services.


At Summit Human Services Sudbury, we believe in the value and dignity of each individual. Each person has the right to self determination and the opportunity to achieve their peak potential (self-actualization). Each individual has the right to be treated with respect and consideration and provided with the highest standard of care and quality of life possible.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide services, which will enhance the quality of life for the people we serve. We are committed to the development of programs and services for families, individuals and children to receive quality care that is based on out agency's philosophy. By utilizing outcome measurement tools and best practice approaches, we strive to provide people with support and resources in order for them to develop resiliency and positive coping skills. This is achieved by delivering our services in a therapeutic milieu which consists of: environmental structure, daily routines, consistency, supervision, coaching, positive reinforcement and healthy relationships.

Program and Services

Summit Human Services Sudbury provide therapeutic programs and services for children, teens and families referred by Children's Aid Societies across Ontario. Summit operates group care licenses that are reviewed and inspected annually by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

Currently there are two main areas of services that we offer. The first area of service we offer is residential programs in licensed homes for children and adolescents who require out of home placements. The second area of services offered are behavioral and social needs assessments for children and youth in order to set up skills training programs.

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Licensed by Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services.

Training in partnership with Safeguards Training for Children and Adult Services.